One Human Being – One Vision

I change the Corporate Business world by placing the ‘Human in the Center’


I envision a future where businesses transcend conventional reliance on strategy and technology, pivoting instead to empower their greatest asset – THEIR PEOPLE.

I want to champion ‘Human in the Center,’ fostering an environment where individual strengths catalyze business innovation, teamwork, and leadership, extending success into a fulfilling, human-centric workplace.

My goal is to transform business operations and processes, team dynamics, and leadership styles by highlighting and utilizing everyone’s unique talents and capabilities, thereby setting new standards in organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Let’s discover the potential of every single person and use this potential successfully in the professional environment.

Let us achieve a win-win situation for employees and companies: motivated employees who can live their strengths and potentials and thus increase the effectiveness and efficiency of company processes.

Companies become employee magnets and functional, efficient teams increase corporate success.


  • Illuminate and harness intrinsic qualities in individuals, teams, and leadership, fostering an environment where everyone’s value is recognized and leveraged.
  • Unlock untapped potential as a catalyst for transformative success and positive global business impact.
  • Cultivate workspaces that harmoniously blend innovation, collaboration, well-being, productivity, and empathy.


  • Uphold a business ethos where people and strategies thrive in synergy.
  • Synchronize personal development with organizational objectives, creating a culture of empowerment and comprehensive success.
  • Reimagine business processes by embracing and nurturing each individual’s hidden potential and unique strengths.


    • Move beyond traditional practices, focusing instead on intrinsic talents and capabilities for a more dynamic business environment.

    • Redefine team dynamics, leadership models and business processes by converting individual strengths into collective assets, fueling innovation and sustainable growth.

    • Place a premium on personal strengths and inclusivity, enhancing productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction.
    • Redefine success, aiming for both personal fulfillment and collective achievements.

      Boris Nedwed

      • 23 years senior manager in a large international corporation
        • Functional areas: Finance, IT, Corporate Audit, Risk & Controls
        • International Experience (AU, ID, RU, AR, HK, IN, PH, US, PL, … and more)
        • Program- and Project-Management of multi-Mio. USD Projects
        • Global IT Services Management, IT Supplier Governance, SLM
        • Global Crisis Management and Risk Management
        • multiple Business Certifications
        • Offshore / Remote / Onsite Team Management
        • and more …
      • Certified NLP Coach, Human Design Analyst and BG5 Career & Business Consultant
      • Husband and father of two
      Boris Nedwed HD Chart

      Classic Builder

      • Leader/Natural
      • Strenghts: Concepts, strategies, ideas, processes, analyses, inspiration, mind, intuition and energy
      • Transpersonal focus, purpose fulfilled through transformation
      • Collaborative assimilation

      I am fueled by an unwavering passion for sharing the transformative power of Human Design and BG5 knowledge, coupled with over two decades of senior managerial experience in audit, business process engineering, and a wealth of international cultural exposure.

      My journey has uniquely equipped me to cultivate a business environment that thrives on individual growth, ignites leadership excellence, fosters cohesive team dynamics, and drives overall company success.

      The intricate insights and clarity of Human Design and BG5 have captured my heart, as they offer a personalized approach to unlocking each individual’s potential. And that without tons of questionnaires.

      All of my business knowledge and experience combined, ensures that every aspect of your business operations is aligned with the highest standards of precision and accuracy. Meanwhile, my proficiency in business process engineering and communication flows guarantees streamlined workflows that boost efficiency and innovation.

      My cultural international experience has imparted a profound appreciation for diversity, enabling me to create an inclusive work culture where varying perspectives are not just respected, but celebrated.

      As a leader, I understand that nurturing a sense of belonging and shared purpose within teams is pivotal for success. By combining my rich background with Human Design insights, I aspire to foster a workplace where authenticity thrives, leadership blossoms, and collaboration leads to remarkable achievements.

      With an amalgamation of Human Design wisdom and my comprehensive senior managerial experience, I’m dedicated to shaping an environment where individuals flourish, leadership is visionary, teams harmonize, and companies thrive.

      Together, let’s embark on a journey that transforms your business landscape into one of boundless growth, uncharted opportunities, and unwavering success.

      Boris Nedwed Signature

      I am a Licensed Certified BG5BI Professional officially trained through BG5BI Business Institute.

      Please check out my listing on the BG5BI Business Institute Website.

      Please be aware that there are individuals using The Human Design, BG5 & OC16 Systems that are not legally authorized by Jovian Archive (rights holder) or the BG5 Business Institute, nor certified or licensed by the International Human Design School or the BG5 Business Institute (professional certification authorities).

      When you work with me, you can be confident that you are receiving the information from someone who has been properly trained and certified as a BG5 Professional.