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Information Assimilation

Information assimilation is the process of comprehending, integrating and understanding data.

There are different types of information assimilation that have their own advantages to help you process data more effectively and efficiently.

Your Personal Shadows

In the context of Human Design, “shadows” refer to the aspects of a person’s personality and behavior that can emerge when they are not aligned with their true nature or when they are facing challenges.

These shadows are thought to represent the negative or less desirable traits that come to the surface when an individual is not living in harmony with their unique Human Design.

Yet, they are a great learning potential.

Continuity in Business

Trait 32 – Continuity in Business

This role instinctively recognizes who has the skills and abilities to be hired and rise up the ladder. This role is deeply concerned with what things are worth, how much things cost and what people are worth. They are responsible for the continuity of the business through hiring the right people at the right time to bring in “new blood.” 

Intuitive Clarity

Trait 57 – Intuitive Clarity to Handle Shock

Your intuitive insight provides you with the clarity to penetrate to the core of what is taking place around you. 


Trait 50 – Values in the Time of Change

Guarding values in the time of change is an endeavour. How to protect the integrity of the law and the structures that protect and uphold the well-being of the business, group or community?


Trait 44 – The Rational Patterns for Material Success

Your instinct is always alert for any spontaneous interaction that can move a potential to the level of possibility. 


Trait 43 – Breakthrough in Efficiency – From Genius to Freak

Spontaneously transform inner knowing into a unique insight and perspective that, with the right timing, can also mold your awareness into a new structure that can benefit others


Trait 14 – The Power to Create a Contribution with Charisma

The potential to empower the direction of others, and businesses, through the distribution of available resources.


Trait 9 – The Focus to Master Skills after Connecting to Our Personal Power

Like a funnel that focuses enormous power to concentrate on what is meaningful and worthwhile